This post is specifically for women..why?..Because sometimes women need to be uplifted. We give ourselves more than we realize. We stress, worry, work hard and for some women it all goes unnoticed. Women give birth to children and then this overcomes their lives..or in some people’s case their whole beings. You lose the amazing body you once had all to be judged and criticized for something you sometimes have no control over. Women have amazing careers that they have worked so hard, sometimes harder than a man, for and still no one cares because we are women. We push ourselves to the limit to never get a simple “thank you” or “I appreciate you” You don’t work hard for these compliments, but it would feel very good to feel appreciated sometimes. Some people say you don’t deserve an award for being a mother because it’s something you have to do. I disagree because just like men women have the choice to handle their responsibilities or not..there is adoption and abortions, but some women choose to take on the challenge. This post isn’t just for’s for all women working very hard to be the best woman you can be. I notice you. I know there are many women who struggle with feeling like they are not good enough..simply because no one will tell you that you are.. But you are more than enough. I appreciate you all <3


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