Sooooooooo the moment we all have been waiting for….We’re pregnant!!!!! We are so excited, but there are so many emotions that are going through my head. So as I am writing this I am currently 5 weeks preggers. While you are reading (lol) we are into our second trimester. So again as of right now we are five weeks pregnant and we just found out yesterday that we are adding a little one to this family. I have always wanted to be a mommy, but it really felt so different for it to actually happen. I have so many fears, yet I am so excited at the same time. We originally went to the gynecologist office (in Mexico) because I was 7 days late from my period. I am the girl who has the calendar and tracks every month faithfully , so I know exactly what is going on with my body. Also being that I have never missed a period I immediately thought something was wrong with me. Lol if you know me you know that I am very dramatic. I just said forget the whole pregnancy test I need someone to tell me if there is a problem or not. To make a long story short we went to the office and saw a doctor. He assured me that missing a period can be normal sometimes, but I still wanted him to take a look. We did an ultra sound and there was nothing there. He said that if it is early pregnancy then we won’t see anything for a couple of weeks. He also suggested that we do a “pee on the stick” test. So we did that and he said that it would take a few minutes to show up, but before those few minutes were up I heard him say “oh well you have two lines here”…and I panicked. I didn’t panic out of fear of being pregnant ..it was more of a S**t just got real type of feeling. Casanova laughed at me and the fact that I was shaking beyond my control. Lol it was a scary yet exciting feeling altogether. So here we are now preparing for our first little baby and I am so in love with him and our little love growing inside of me!!! If you are a mommy how did you feel the first time you found out you were pregnant??

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  1. Aunt Brenda says:

    This was so beautiful to read. Keep them coming.

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