Ahhhhhh…Paris…We all love Paris. Why? I am not really sure why everyone automatically falls in love with Paris. Maybe it’s the beautiful pictures we see. Maybe it’s the romantic and thrilling pictures that are painted into our heads whenever someone goes on about this wonderful place. The city is definitely one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting, but visiting is definitely the only option for me. Before traveling to Paris I had this clear picture in my head that I wanted to move to Paris eventually, and that was that. Upon arriving the clutter of Paris became more and more evident to me and kind of changed my mind immediately. Don’t get me wrong, the “City of Love” will always be branded as one of the most beautiful and romantic places in my head, but actually living there? I am a country girl, or as I’d like to think a “Southern Belle” from Nashville, TN and the hustle and bustle of this busy city definitely put my mind in a whirlwind. The beauty of city is definitely what is mind captivating. It’s not the fact that everything is so Romantic, but the fact that for the most part Paris has stayed true to who it really is. Upon entering the little cafes everyone is kind. They take pride in giving you the best experience. The character of the cafes is something that I’ll never get over. It’s literally like walking into a romantic film from the 50’s ( a time where my heart is). Paying customers will never wait 15 to 20 minutes for their food to be served. It’s considered as rude. I say this all to say that I couldn’t live there, but it definitely made a wonderful impact on me that I would love to experience again. Where is the most beautiful place you’ve traveled to?

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