I know I know!!! It’s been FOREVER since I left you all with something awesome to read. There has been so much happening since our return to Mexico that I will definitely be sharing.  Ok , so this place is easily ( and I do mean easily) one of the best places on earth. We traveled to Reykjavik Iceland and took a trip to the Blue Lagoon. This was a great place to just be. I think this is something that everyone should indulge in at some point in their lives. Being is something that is essential to your survival. We live in a world that is so hectic and that demands so much from one person, there isn’t very much time left to just be. We had the opportunity to relax in the warm lagoon and enjoy the beauty all around us. In my opinion, the main thing that made this experience so beautiful was the fact that it was freezing cold and rainy. Keep in mind the lagoon is outside 🙂 . We covered our faces with silica masks that help enhance our relaxing experience. This is definitely a trip that I would take again, and it is very much worth the price. Have you ever experienced something so magical?


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  1. Aunt Brenda says:

    This pic is so beautiful. I’m so proud of you Vetta Poo. Continue to spread your wings and love the way you do. Tell my nephew I said hello.
    Bren Bren

  2. mo jennings says:

    I think my whole life is an magical experience, but i would love to read more about the blue lagoon .thanks for sharing.

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